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Kabouras • Posted on 19 January 2021, 17:34

Server is good but there is a huge problem. You cannot farm in the daily areas (imperial tomb, storm isle, isle of souls etc). Even if you find a spot and no one is there, within 2 minutes a OP Wynn will come and start hiting your mobs and you lose everything. Furthermore, if you don't donate items from the beginning it will take time to farm everything for top gear, till then you cannot pvp at all. Tyrrs jumping on you hitting you for 700k dmg 1 shot instant


g4g • Posted on 27 December 2020, 23:18

good just for fun farm generally unbalanced server , if you want to play typical just play a TYRR and you won , boosted af for pve/pvp , so many adrenalines but ok gm/admin need to change logic cuz TOP DONATORS kinda rule the srv and not gm/admin , but still good to have fun :)


Aleera • Posted on 13 November 2020, 16:11

is awesome


ninina • Posted on 12 November 2020, 20:49

very cool server good development but delay in greece at least like 5 sec...


iandoce123 • Posted on 4 November 2020, 05:06

nice server!


Rhea • Posted on 19 September 2020, 05:21

This Server Really Lively and Not Pay to win.. Good Job

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