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relax13 • Posted on 12 May 2020, 21:32

this server called l2 warland sucks!!! its the worst server!!! GM is helping a clan because there are his friends!!!! dont download this server!!!!


Leopoldos • Posted on 27 May 2020, 21:49

@relax13, 1. Zeus bans B13 clan and doesnt allow them to play or use their 2nd chance. cause they are sellers but RR leaders/subleaders cause theya re huge donators can use their 2nd chance. Rules should be same for ALL !!! 2. Balance classes and geodata


MagazakiTouDIA • Posted on 23 May 2020, 22:54

@relax13, tottaly agree, Zeus instead of Banning people for RealMoneyTrade he gave them 2nd chance and punished them with small punishment. Video is on youtube. Also zeus tolerates flame in vip chat, server is a horse stable.


asana • Posted on 13 May 2020, 17:50

@relax13, you are wrong there are rulles many members of that clan u say had ban permantly cause they use hacks


xCalibur • Posted on 30 April 2020, 06:36

What country this server based? I'm having not pleasing ping. Not sure if this is a geographical or this is howold C6 always work


Zisis • Posted on 21 April 2020, 01:46

its a bot server, do not make a mage. Daggers make 6-7k dmg to mages/bps. In Olympiad games the tyrants rule making too many critical hits. Community consists of 90% retarded people


adegia • Posted on 27 April 2020, 19:07

@Zisis, is critical skill mages make2 magic critical around 4k dmg

Aysun Redzheb

Aysun Redzheb • Posted on 9 April 2020, 15:11

Nice server ... The best for me ....


xsweetx • Posted on 27 March 2020, 14:25

wanted a response from the server gm


xsweetx • Posted on 27 March 2020, 14:24

the vote is buggy, I voted about 5 times and no bonus comes, 5 days voting and no bonus


Junior • Posted on 27 March 2020, 15:30

@xsweetx, You must have same ip in the game and on the site


xsweetx • Posted on 28 March 2020, 02:18

@Junior, I have


Mornica • Posted on 31 March 2020, 22:55

@xsweetx, Go somewhere else you newbie PKer -.- Server doesnt need scum like you .


ULTRANECTROS • Posted on 22 February 2020, 17:08



Nick • Posted on 25 February 2020, 18:13

@ULTRANECTROS, you are noob


HeTHRoS • Posted on 30 January 2020, 14:48

I've been playing Lineage 2 since Chronicles 2. This is one of the best server i ever played. The only bad thing about it..the comunity, nowdays everygame has bad and toxic comunity, but however the server is great u must try it and enjoy it. Admin Zeus update good and new things he do an incredible job, even if those kids cry about him cause they are mostly newbies and talk about things they don't have idea.


Dan • Posted on 27 January 2020, 21:44

+Nice ppl on server, good activity, owerall all good, except Gm Zeus, most retarded Gm in everygame i played. Basically he knows Epic resists do not work, Worst ever geodata, he is making custom events instead of fixing bugs, does not ever acccept any suggestion, you could be even banned for making one, glady's hit mages 2 crits......hawkeye broken, daggers broken( u can backstab for 10K), Necro debuffs rarrely work, OL skills +15 land 100% doesent matter what jewels u got and what epics u got and many other things


AllanPoe • Posted on 28 March 2020, 23:04

@Dan, i AGREE with u dude, I play since warland server started and it is corrupted like the rest of the world! lost of bugs but money makes admin happy, i play cos this serves fits me. it could be better for sure . I wish admin was less money greed, and be more ideological as he says he is. he's nothing but but Jewish like . I disrespect him a lot. But still I play there and hope admin will become a man he could be. everyone deserves a second chance. First warland serve was ok. lets see if admin has a humanity inside him. if you are as ideological as i am contact me AllanPoe ad we will see what can we change.


Slinky • Posted on 22 April 2020, 22:41

@AllanPoe, He ran the server for 3 years without donations FOR FREE. This is a game you download for FREE. And play FOR FREE. All he cares about is money? All you can pay for its VIP which barely does anything but make some things simple and gives you extra chance on xp and loot. You cant buy items or max enchants or hero or anything else that makes donations OP. Zeus runs a company that he dedicated 100% of his time to cause thats how he makes baller money. The server he runs in his spare time to give people like you a game to enjoy.


John • Posted on 9 February 2020, 09:28

@Dan, you are absolutely right and i resonate on your every word . :)


Mario • Posted on 18 December 2019, 00:15

Guys, belive me... is one word for this server BOTLAND. If you are new forget about farma Varka, Ketra, Pagan, MOS etc. Old players with staff 10+++ care about your bots and they perma PK and no1 care of red. Guy runing 1hour PK at varka and no1 care cuse full of bots. IF YOU ARE NEW YOU RE NOTHING THERE


Spider • Posted on 20 December 2019, 09:38

@Mario, i start 7 days ago and without "BOTS" i have Aq+6 from box,major arcana set +6/7/9/6 tt set +8/7/6/7(no one ring because AQ have ;p) and tallum robe +9/7/6/6/6 then kid if u coming at server think frist who u be make...i life from TTS +6 is cost 2+k gold a make one TT is max 30 min work...lern to play a btw from one am i make am +10 normal scroll hehe....other must farm for 20AM few hours to make +10,just luck now i can kill this what u say ? "old players"? is medium players no one is pro


Majki • Posted on 28 December 2019, 01:54

@Spider, you started 7 days ago and you have eq over +6 in each piece? You are either a perfidious liar or great donor and you have not fed anything but bought everything for gold.


Florein • Posted on 18 December 2019, 11:18

@Mario, You run another server and try to discourage new players with BIG BIG Lies ? Warland is a place for all players , i am new (Start before 2 days) and all is perfect , you can farm easy , full buff, farm assistant, power of vote help, on warland not exist BOT , only auto farm system of this server (great idea).


unknowncz • Posted on 11 December 2019, 20:45

very good

beto sanga

beto sanga • Posted on 9 December 2019, 13:55

tengo un problema con un chart Fernando89 no funciona el auto .Farm y no se como arreglar ese problema..despues el mejor server que jugue en mis 48 añios de vicios Gracias totales..Warland...


Artur • Posted on 8 December 2019, 03:02

Very good


Artur • Posted on 8 December 2019, 03:03

@Artur, very nice


MANOLIS • Posted on 22 February 2020, 13:33

@Artur, you replied to your self? lol

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